Add your favorite short cuts the tool bar with the customize menu.


  • Space

  • Flexible Space


  • Webstart
    Open the WebStart page.

  • Start/Stop Servers
    Start or stop the current active web and database servers.

  • Previous View
    Revert to the previous screen on the main MAMP PRO window.

  • Next View
    Return to the next view on the main MAMP PRO window.

  • Overview
    A preview of your current web pages.

  • Summary
    A summary of your all of your host, language and server settings.

  • Backup
    The Backup tool for your host and database settings.

  • Add Host
    A short cut to the add host button.

  • Recent Hosts
    A dropdown list of your recent hosts.

  • Templates
    Quick access to your template files.

  • Logs
    A dropdown menu of all of your log files.

  • Editor
    Open the MAMP PRO Editor.

  • Prefs
    A short cut to your MAMP PRO prefences.

  • Customize
    Open the Customize window.