Utilize the MAMP PRO Editor to edit your scripts directly. You can see your changes instantaneously in the live view, and your client side code in the real view.

MAMP PRO Editor Basic Features

Documentation on how to adjust the settings for your editor can be found here.


Live View

The live view displays a live view of your website next to your server side code.


Press the MAMP button to display the live view. Right click on the Arrow button to display your site in a web browser.

Real View

The real view displays the resulting client side view of your code next to your server side source code.

MAMP PRO Editor Real View


Press the MAMP button to display the live view.

Press the MAMP button to switch back to the real view.


Open the assets window through Window > Assets in the MAMP PRO menu. Use the assets window to keep often used icons, videos or files. Add items from the assets window by dragging them to the document root window. Your assets folder is located in ~/Documents/MAMP PRO/assets.


Text Editing Options


A link to a help page associated with the current language. A link to a syntax validator is provided for some languages.



Choose what language syntax to be highlighted.




  • Cancel
    Cancel the save action.

  • Discard All
    Discard all changes to currently unsaved documents.

  • Save Later
    Your Real view and Live View will not reflect changes to your documents. Your changes will remain unsaved and unchanged when you reopen the Editor.

  • Save All
    Save all currently unsaved documents.