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If you would like to make your hosts accessible from the internet (Don’t forget about security then!), but do not have a domain name that points to your PC, you will need a Dynamic DNS Service.

If your network is connected to the internet via a router and it can handle Dynamic DNS Services, then you don’t need to configure it with MAMP PRO.

Otherwise you will need to register with a Dynamic DNS Service and enter the user name and password into the appropriate fields. Then you will need to tell MAMP PRO when to inform the Dynamic DNS provider about a change in your Macs IP address. It may be necessary when you restart your computer or a DSL/Cable modem re/establishes a connection.


  • Include Dynamic DNS service in GroupStart
    Check to include the DNS Server in GroupStart. When activated the DNS Server will automatically start when the Servers button is pressed.

  • Activate Service
    • Only while a web server is running
    • Permanently (as a System Service)

  • Account data for service

    Select the tab view of your dynamic dns service provider when you have an account with DNS-O-Matic,,, or Select the Generic tab for all other dynamic dns service providers.

    • User name:
      Enter the user name that was given to you by the provider of the Dynamic DNS Service.

    • Password:
      Enter the password that was given to you by the provider of the Dynamic DNS Service.

    • Server:
      Enter the server name … .

  • Path to Dynamic DNS log file
    Events from the Dynamic DNS service will be recorded in a log file.