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Sometimes you may need to send an email using PHP, to do so you have to configure and start SMTP. An easy way getting SMTP to run is using the configuration tool built into MAMP PRO.


  • Include SMPT service in GroupStart

    Check to include SMTP in the GroupStart. When activated SMTP will automatically start/stop when the Servers button is pressed.

  • Set domain of outgoing e-mails to

    If you want to use the PHP function mail() for sending emails to your own email address (like you just need to add the value “” (without quotes and the according domain name) into this field.

  • Use a smart host for routing

    • Outgoing server:
      Fill in your server name for outgoing emails. This could be for instance “” (without quotes). Ask your provider if you are unsure about the server name.

    • Use authentication
      Unencrypted: Your user name and password will be sent unencrypted.

      MD5 Challenge-Response: MD5 Challenge Response Authentication will be used.

    • User name
      Add the user name of your mail account.

    • Password
      Add the password for your email user account.

    • Authentication
      What type of authentication to be used.

  • Path to SMTP log file

The path to your SMTP log file.