Connect to MySQL using Sequel Pro

  1. Sequel Pro can be launched via the MAMP PRO interface in the ‘MySQL’ tab. Click on the Sequel Pro icon at the bottom of the tab. The instance of Sequel Pro launched from the MAMP PRO interface resides in your Applications/MAMP folder. If your MAMP PRO download package did not come with Sequel Pro you can download it here.

  2. To connect to your databases you have to fill in several required fields. Navigate to the ‘Socket’ tab.


    • Name: This is the host name. The default host is ‘localhost’.

    • Username: This is your MySQL username. Your MySQL username will be ‘root’ if you have not changed the default username setup in MAMP PRO.

    • Password: This is your MySQL password.Your MySQL username password will be ‘root’ if you have not changed the default password setup in MAMP PRO.

  3. Press Connect.

  4. You can access your individual databases by clicking on the ‘Choose Database…’ Drop down menu.