Upgrading from version 4.xx to version 4.xx

  1. Download MAMP PRO from www.mamp.info.
  2. Double click on the MAMP_MAMP_PRO_4.xx.pkg file in your Downloads folder to start the installation process.
  3. The installer will rename your existing /Applications/MAMP folder to /Applications/MAMP_current_date.
  4. Your existing htdocs folder will be moved to your new /Applications/MAMP folder.
  5. If there has been a change to the configuration of Apache, PHP, or MySQL (A directive was modified or a new one added) between versions of MAMP PRO and you have already made changes to your current configuration (resulting in the creation of a template file in ~/Library/application support/appsolute/MAMP PRO/templates ), MAMP PRO will ask you to save off your old templates when you upgrade.


    Save your template files. You can use these saved template files as a guide of your previous modifications. New (re)modifications need to be made through the MAMP PRO interface (File > Edit Templates), just as you had done previously in MAMP PRO.

  6. Confirm that all data has been transferred correctly before starting MAMP PRO.
  7. Your /Applications/MAMP_current_date folder can now be deleted. You may however keep it, so you can fall back to your original setup.